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I'm Joanne Wright, a native Angeleno born in DTLA on Hope Street.  I'm running for Congress in District 34 and hope to earn your support and your vote. I chose District 34 is because it has Skid Row and County General Hospital. The heart of homelessness and the key to the solution. The problem, miles of homeless, the solution, 1.2 million square feet of immediate shelter at the iconic Los Angeles County General Hospital. With my brother, Dr. Kenneth Wright, who is running for Congress in District 33 we have developed a systematic and comprehensive protocol that can practically guarantee that the people we get off the street will not return to the street. Our plan will save lives and save money that can be used for education, law enforcement and infrastructure and creating more jobs. 

On a local level, while developers and millennials flock to downtown LA,and bring new life and excitement with them, we need to protect the families who have lived in their homes in Boyle and Lincoln Heights for decades. They know they're in danger of gentrification by developers but also by their own politicians who are seeking to repeal Prop 13. There's no reason the developers and historic neighborhoods can't coexist. I will encourage developers to mitigate their presence by creating one affordable housing units for every luxury unit they build.  I will fight for the residents of these historic neighborhoods by working to prevent the repeal of Prop 13 while If passed, they will surely annihilate what's left of the middle-class. If nothing else, I'll write a Bill deeming these neighborhoods, "Historic Neighborhoods" and override Sacramento the way they override our Federal Laws.

Together, let's put an end to homeless, help our Veterans, create high-paying jobs and protect our historic neighborhoods and middle-class home ownership. Let's lower taxes again and raise the quality of our education. We need to fight for Health Freedom, maintain free-choice health insurance and lower prescription prices. Let's support a secure border and legal immigration by supporting our law enforcement and first-responders. Let's support the Trump administration to balance trade deals like the USMCA, defend our constitution, our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms.  This is quite an order, but if we work together we can and show the world what happens when Angelenos work hand-in-hand.

Thank you for your support,


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