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       About Joanne

Born in California Hospital at 1414 S. Hope Street!  The reason I'm running is because we have a humanitarian crisis in Los Angeles and it's time for me to give back.  Not only are our fellow human beings in distress, diseased and dying, but there are millions of tax-payers who are at the least inconvenienced and tired of paying for failed attempts to ameliorate the situation, and at worst, potential victims of the health hazard caused by this overwhelming predicament. It isn't right that a solution has not been accomplished to help these people and it isn't fair for hard-working tax-paying citizens and residents of Los Angeles to have to live with human waste on their shoes and the fear that their children will catch a deadly disease from tainted water supply, airborne disease, rat-infested neighborhoods or a filthy hypodermic needles. 

As a Girl Scout, I was taught to leave a place better than you found it. I was a Girl Scout until I graduated High School and they told me I was a Life Scout. I'm still in contact with my last Leaders, Barby and Carl Pulliam, who took us to La Cabana in Mexico where we taught songs in Spanish to Mexican orphans. Mrs. Pulliam who is in her 90's still represents for good in the world just recently retiring from teaching solar cooking in Africa.

Seems I've always wanted to be involved.  In high school I volunteered at assisted living homes and as a candy-striper at Harbor General Hospital. After high school, I attended Scripps College in Claremont, California, my junior year was spent in Perugia, Italy studying art and Italian. I earned my Masters in Education at Claremont Graduate School (Now University) where I taught Spanish for my student teaching and from there went directly to Algeria for two years teaching for Bechtel Corporation at an LNG plant.  A year in Toulouse, France followed where I pursued photography at the E.T.P.A., returned to the States where I enjoyed using my additional three languages whenever possible. I settled in Highland Park, on Via Marisol and worked in promotions and PR in downtown LA until I landed a great job on the campaign for California Secretary of State, March Fong Eu. After her re-election, I returned to public relations and helped coordinate the welcome event for the 1984 Olympics. 

In the mid-late 1980's I followed in my mother's footsteps and got my real estate broker's license and began investing and working in real estate sales. As a broker I could work for myself which afforded me the flexibility of schedule to do all kinds of things. I spent a year going to Skid Row in Los Angeles to feed the homeless. Every Saturday morning we'd meet in the church basement in Sherman Oaks, make the food and coffee and load up to take it to downtown. I've never forgotten that and with the relentless recent surge in homelessness I find I can not idly sit by. (See details in the Homelessness tab.) 

I worked as a production assistant in Hollywood where I had moved and started a successful breakfast catering company for Hollywood production companies took me to all the studio lots and locations around Los Angeles.  In the first half of the 1990's I became credentialed with the LAUSD and taught art to middle-schoolers in South Central, worked with LA Beautiful, worked with the At-Risk group on campus and was honored by the City of Los Angeles and USC for various accomplishments including our mural program. During all this time, my free time was spent with community groups in Hollywood, painting graffiti, stopping the CRA from demolishing the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and other landmark buildings and stumping at City Hall to prevent the demolition of the Art Deco Theaters and historic buildings in DTLA many of which have been converted to lofts and housing in the Historic Bank District.

What I found out as I explored the boundaries of the district, is that not only was I born here, but I know this District as well as any District in which I've ever lived and have more history here than with any of them which probably explains why I keep coming back. As I drive around the district planning our ground game, I remember nearly every holiday spent on Rome Drive in Mt. Washington and how us six kids would hold our breath when we went through the tunnels. My family used the Pacific Dining Car as a meeting place while visiting family at Good Sam.  My uncle, William H. D. Hornaday started Founder's Church of Religious Science with Dr. Ernest Holmes on New Hampshire and he would always have us stand up for applause when we attended.

I left Los Angeles around 2000 and enjoyed living in Santa Barbara for 12 years before moving to Palm Springs where I returned to Real Estate Sales and opened a Resort Rental business. As a small business owner, working with the public, overseeing agents and dealing with the regulations and licenses and permits to run a small business was a first-hand education in itself. It was a proud moment when the business was sold. With free time, I found myself coming back to LA for Dodger games, the incredible museums, season tickets for a couple of years at the Disney Concert Hall, and most recently volunteering for my brother, Dr. Kenneth Wright with his campaign to defeat corrupt Ted Lieu in District 33 and helping him with his plan to help the homeless.  Meeting with Supervisor Solis' office, attending the General Hospital Feasibility Study community meetings has fired me up.

Inspired by my brother's conviction to help District 33 and fight for our country, my social activism gene has re-surfaced again. Never was I more energized than when I was fighting to save historic buildings downtown and on Hollywood Boulevard. Never did I feel more spiritual than when I was feeding the homeless or volunteering for the elderly. I have been all around the world and loved it all, but I am a grateful citizen of the United States and it is time for me to give back. I have met the most amazing inspirational patriots on this journey and am proud to be working with them, led by the most amazing, albeit imperfect President of our lifetime, Donald J. Trump. I am committed to support him, testify for him dream is to be introduced by him at the Staples Center or Dodger Stadium if we're lucky enough to host one of his patriotic rallies in Los Angeles.   

So. Here I am.  Fearless, convicted, supported, redeemed and a child of the most high God who guides this mission. I love LA and I can’t stand watching it go down the tubes and deteriorating into a heartless soulless metropolis where we are inured to stepping over our fellow human beings before a backdrop of skyscrapers and sunny skies. There is a solution but to get there I need your help. I need your help to make it through the Primary. What I ask of you is your encouragement, faith, support, your prayers...and your vote.



Proud Candidate for United States Congress, California, District 34

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