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Help us fight to Save Los Angeles

Everyone is talking about it! People are fleeing California! The property is expensive and the taxes are crazy. The gas prices are the highest in the country. You can't really blame them. You look around and see mega-construction everywhere, we have sports teams, entertainment, movie and TV production, tourism and more commerce than most countries. Plus we have the Lottery!  You would think that with all that money coming, we'd be sending out rebate checks to our residents every year at tax time and our schools would be the model for other states to follow! Instead, the middle class is shrinking, the bureaucracy is expanding, education is embarrassing, regulations are choking us out of our small businesses and the homeless population is greater than Hollywood. 

Ask yourselves, what has your Congressman done for you?  In fact, ask yourselves, who is your Congressman? With all the income Los Angeles homelessness is out of control. Sacramento now determines local zoning and eliminate new single-family housing, they are poised to repeal prop 13 for small business owners, and then they want to repeal Prop 13 for single family owners. They do not care about density, property taxes or owners' rights and we are 46 in education! Home ownership is the American dream and now they are making it impossible.

Even though some of these things are local issues, your U. S. Representative should be working with local government to protect you. If I am elected, I promise I will solve the homelessness problem (See PowerPoint under Homelessness tab) and solve it immediately and permanently.  I promise I will fight to overturn and/or prevent the burdensome anti-middle class oppressive laws that prevent home ownership and small business success.  I promise, if you elect me, you will see me, hear me, read about me and know who I am.  I will make difficult decisions and lead Los Angeles not back to the shining star it once was but the galaxy that it can be.  I promise you will see the difference in this district straightaway and your neighbors will stop packing because our students will be achieving, our homeless will be safe, cared for, respected and trained for work if they want. I promise, Los Angeles will be the place to be, the tech hub, the transportation innovators of the world (See Monorail tab) cultural center of the country and the pride of California. 

Read this:

 Whoaaa! Nearly 700,000 people moved out of California last year



Texas is the most popular destination, with 86,000 moving here.

Just under 700,000 people said goodbye to the Golden State last year. The top two reasons for moving out are the high cost of housing and high taxes.  

Nearly 700,000 people moved out of California last year.

U.S. census data shows that only a half million moved TO California during that same time. That means there are 200,000 more residents going out than coming in.

A recent poll by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies found that half of California voters have thought about moving out.



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