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— California GOP

The Old Veterans Guard Los Angeles  -  Robert Rosebrock — The Old Veterans Guard Los Angeles

Malcolm McGough

— Malcolm McGough

Why are we supporting Joanne Wright for Congress?
We worked closely with her during all of her high school years as a very active member of our senior Girl Scout troop. In the GS program she learned to assess needs, set goals, develop strategies for meeting the goals, carry them out and evaluate the results. These skills are sorely needed by members of congress; so she is the ideal person for the position. We endorse her whole-heartedly.

Carl and Barby Pulliam

Over 60 years in Girl Scouts and Girl Guides

International Solar Cooking Instructors

— Carl and Barby Pulliam

I will be endorsing Joanne L. Wright for United States Representative. It's time for CD-34 to be represented by someone whose values remain consistent with those of working class Americans. As her signature issue being addressing homelessness and making sure we live in safer communities, Wright will focus on getting things done. 

Raphi Rebucas


— Raphi Rebucas

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